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That steak analogy is my favorite,

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pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything


don’t care almost Halloween

Celebrate #EarthDay by protecting forests with @Conservationorg and tabforacause.org!

Apr 2
Buttermilk Falls on Ostara, beginning to thaw and flow.

Buttermilk Falls on Ostara, beginning to thaw and flow.

Apr 2

You know it’s spring when, in the span of three hours, you accidentally catch three different bird couples fucking. Hurray spring! :)

Apr 1


Happy March 32nd!

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Planning a story


Actually writing a story


Very true, haha. Actually writing is even more intimidating than a Hun avalanche combo.

Hey, Mum, I'm a witch -- Coming Out of the Broom Closet to My Mother (via texting)

  • Me: Hey Mum?
  • Mum: Yes...[1 minute later]...Hey Kaylie??
  • Me: Oh okee. There's something I've wanted to tell you (and Dad) for a while, but always been too nervous and worried, which is dumb because I know you love and support me no matter what. And also you probably already know but I've never said it out loud.
  • Mum: Ok. Go. ...Of course we love u no matter what
  • Me: I strongly identify as Pagan, and have for sometime. Even though you and Dad aren't the most religious, I still worried about how you both would react. And I stupidly worried that you would trivialize or demean my spiritual and religious identity. I mean, my nervousness made me only just able to text, not even say it out loud yet...I'm sorry I never told you before, I was too scared.
  • Mum: You don't need to be nervous about that honey! I don't know too much about it but as long as you are good to yourself and good and honest w others that is the best we can ask for
  • Me: Thank you. I want to cry I'm so relieved.
  • Mum: ...Cry if u must but not necessary sweets!

Blessed Ostara to every pagan!! 🐇☺️

Happy (somewhat belated for some) Ostara, everyone!


Blessed Ostara to every pagan!! 🐇☺️

Happy (somewhat belated for some) Ostara, everyone!

Gone Since Nearly Half a Wheel Ago

Well I have been gone sometime. I do warn people that I can do this—remain active consistently, then disappear when life beyond the cyber gets twisted and knotted and requires full attention to contort myself back to some kind of normalcy.

My senior year of college is rife with challenges, often exciting, often scary. It is also chock full of terrifying markers for the future. Graduate? Find a job? Afford and find an apartment? Evaluate personal life and values? Make plans for future future? Needless to say, my depression and anxiety are quite agitated. I am altering my medications and going through counseling.

I miss this blog, though, and wanted to say hi in time for the northern hemisphere to celebrate Ostara. I personally hope to have a ritual at dawn on Saturday to formally welcome the spring (though it has yet to feel like spring here in the Finger Lakes).

I hope all of you have been well in mind, body, and spirit, and send love and healing to any who need help with balancing their wellness. ^_^

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